16Jun 2016

Blonde D’Aquitaine Pedigree Bulls for sale from the Bezza Herd. Our Blonde D’Aquitaine Pedigree Bull, Garrick. He has once again sired fantastic offspring and last year he gave us a great selection of Pedigree Bulls which we offer for sale. All aged 12-16 Months they have a good temperament and are starting to take shape […]

26May 2016

Team Dixon we are currently working on projects for United Utilities, National Grid Gas, Several Local Sports Clubs, Local Councils and Private Customers. We’re doing restorative drainage works, fencing and also end of season maintenance works including Sand Spreading, Verti Draining, Overseeding and fertiliser applications. We have also been on our travels to view future projects, and […]

04Apr 2016

We have found the following maintenance article from Pitchare Ireland to be an interesting read… General Maintenance We have received some horrendous reports about games being played when the surface was simply not able to cope, which has left them unplayable weeks later. If this is the case, stay off the pitch until such times as […]

09Feb 2016

Today, we’ve read an interesting article that supports and promotes the use of the Panbuster. Call us to enquire about the benefits. ‘The project identified mitigation methods with potential to alleviate soil compaction and have a positive impact on soil functions’ ‘The results from the project demonstrated that mechanical loosening (i.e. the use of ‘top-soilers’ with leading […]

16Dec 2015

Whether we like it or not, weather affects us all. During the recent floods weather presenters and news reporters were repeatedly heard to say “more heavy rain is forecast and where this rain falls on saturated and waterlogged land there is the risk of flooding” – very true. Weather Forecast where you are But for […]

23Sep 2015

We have recently purchased an Erth Panbuster which is available for all your Flat Lifting requirements. ‘Compaction starts at the surface and builds progressively throughout the soil profile often to considerable depths preventing water penetration and the movement and up-take of all essential elements. As the soil particles pack closer and closer together pore space is eliminated […]

24Aug 2015

TRANSPREAD 830 – INFO Both Spreaders are now Sold. Ryan 07976323221 For sale lime / sand spreaders excellent condition dm message for details please RT #agricultural #sportsturf pic.twitter.com/QoPfBEXxEt — Philip Dixon Ltd (@dixondrainage) August 21, 2015  

11Aug 2015

SOIL and WATER – BACK to BASICS We all know what we mean by ‘soil and water’ but it only refers to two of the three ingredients necessary for plant growth – the third being ‘air’. If you only have the first two you have a drainage problem! The purpose of drainage could be said […]

29Jul 2015

A few weeks ago we welcomed into the fleet following a face lift the newest recruit. Scania Wagon with Andover beavertail body. 1998 (R) Scania 94D 6×2 with Andover 28ft low profile beavertail plant body with winch and reverse camera. MOT until February 2016. Well Maintained HAS NOW BEEN SOLD

07Jul 2015

Scania the newest wagon in our fleet is currently undergoing a makeover. The finishing touches are being added as i’m typing. Its looking like a whole new scania wagon…. I can’t wait to show you the finished article. http://www.dixondrainage.co.uk/services/plant-machinery/  

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